A diamond’s value is discerned by analysing a combination of the 5C’s: cut, colour, clarity, carat and certificate.

At Hadley’s we apply decades’ of experience in jewellery to decide a diamond’s value based on these terms.

We only select diamonds and gemstones of exceptional quality.

Diamond Guide: The Five C’s

Our Ethical Stance

Conflict Free Stones – The Kimberley Process

At Hadley’s we pride ourselves on only selecting diamonds from ethical sources.

Many years ago we signed up to the kimberley process which means all our stones are derived from traceable sources and are guaranteed conflict free.

it also means that our stones come from correctly operated mines and that the mine employees are not exploited and subject to unacceptable conditions and safety issues.

Our stones are cut from the rough by experts and not children who again are often subject to unacceptable working conditions.

We believe that something so special should be produced to the highest standards of behaviour.

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